Musquodoboit River from the North Granite Ridge Trail

183 Days of Running (In a Row)

A few days ago I completed my 180th day of running. In a row! That is half a year (and 2 days) of running a minimum of 5km every single day.  Why would I do such a thing? This chronicle outlines the motivating factors behind this challenge.

Capes 100 2023: Road section

Capes 100: Chapter 1

On Saturday, August 12, 2023, I completed the middle distance of 87 km at the Capes 100 Ultra in Mabou, Cape Breton. Just getting myself to the start line was a 3 year process.

Lunksoos Mtn. at dusk.

The IAT Thru Hike

In 2011 I spent 8 days thru-hiking the International Appalachian Trail from Mt. Katahdin, Maine to Perth Andover, NB. Here is my account of this adventure.

On the Dobson Link Trail. The sun briefly made an appearance.

The Dobson Trail

The Dobson Trail is a 75 km trail that stretches between Fundy National Park Headquarters and Riverview, NB. In September of 2010 I hiked this trail in 2 days.

Looking east on Seely Beach. So peaceful here that you could feel the silence.

Fundy Footpath First Edition

The Fundy Footpath is a rugged 49km hiking trail that spans between St. Martin’s, NB to Fundy National Park. This is an account of my first attempt to thru-hike this trail in 2010.